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Year 3

3LB - Beliefs and actions

This half term year 3 have been learning about different beliefs and actions. We first of all looked at the religion 'Christianity'. We discussed what their beliefs were. We looked at charities that help the religion. Focusing particularly on Christian Aid. 

We looked at other charities that we knew first, what they did and why they were important. The children knew lots of different ones. We then looked closer at Christian Aid and what it does for the religion. The children found out the following things: 

 Christian Aid started after the Second World
War, in 1945.
• Christian Aid works in around 50 of the
poorest countries all over the world.
• Christian Aid helps in emergencies around
the world like earthquakes and floods, but
also works all year round to fight poverty.
• Christian Aid’s aim is to end poverty
• Christian Aid works with people of all
religious backgrounds and none.


Children then began to design their own charity that we will be presenting using our Purple Mash programme. Children looked at designing their own charity name, what it supports, fundraising and aims of the charity. 

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