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Year 2

In R.E. we have been talking about having a sense of belonging. We played a game where everyone had a number and they had to get into groups with others who had the same number - acting very rudely to anyone who had a different number to them. What they didn't know was that some of them didn't have anyone with the same number as them! We talked about how this made them feel - the included ones said they felt excited and happy whereas the excluded children said they felt sad. We then played another called hedgehogs where when the music stopped the children had to curl up like hedgehogs and one child was covered with a coat, then the others had to guess who was missing.

After we talked about belonging. We discussed some of the places we might feel a sense of belonging, like "at home with family", "in school", or "at rugby because we're a group". 



2SL playing the 'Belonging Game'

2SL playing the 'Belonging Game' 1
2SL playing the 'Belonging Game' 2