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Year 1


This week in DT the children have been learning how to create a weaving pattern using a paper template. First, the children had to read the instructions and then they followed each step carefully. They cut across the lines to create the holes to weave through and then the used the under, over technique to weave the paper strips through the holes. The children thought about patterns, colour and design when weaving their paper strips. Once they were completed, the children glued all the edges down to ensure that their weaving stayed in place.  


This week in DT the children have been investigating and evaluating different materials. They have also been looking at how materials are made in the UK and how this differs from other countries around the world. The children sorted a range of materials into different categories related to how they had been made e.g. weaved, knitted or felted. A technique that the children looked closely at was an Indian weaving technique. This is because we are going to be weaving our own magic carpets! Great work.