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The Curriculum

Our Curriculum at Clapgate

Project Based Learning

At Clapgate Primary School we believe in teaching the non-core subjects of History, Geography, DT and Art and Design through projects. Project Based Learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which children explore real-world problems, themes, questions and challenges. As a school we have created a culture for all children to be fully immersed in one theme every term as we believe that this inspires children to obtain a deeper subject knowledge. The themes we have chosen as a school are:

In Key Stage 1




In Key Stage 2



Invaders and Settlers

Other  Subjects

Science is taught as two week block each half term, usually following the PHSCE week. 

PHSCE is taught in a one week block at the beginning of each half term as well as through ‘thought for the day’ which class teachers deliver at 2 or 3 times a week to their class.  The planning is based on themes which meet the children’s needs but teachers also respond to the needs of their class or current affairs at particular times.

PE is taught as a discrete subject, the school has a long term plan which it follows. 

RE is taught for one day per half term.  Each class takes one day to focus on an aspect of RE and fully immerse the children in activities, first hand experiences and at times trips.  RE can also form part of the ‘thought for the day’ sessions in classes.

Music is also taught discretely.  Music can form part of a project for eg. When children studies Africa some classes learnt about African music.

French is taught from Year 1 to Year 6.

Computing is taught both as a discrete subject but is also incorporated into different subjects throughout the year.

Specialist Teachers

At Clapgate we believe in giving all children the best education by providing high quality teaching and learning, we want to develop a love of particular subjects which children may, later in education wish to pursue.  We do this by employing many specialist teachers.  Specialist teachers in our school provide expertise in the following subjects:  Physical Education, Art, French and Music.