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Summer 2- We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

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We're All Going On A Summer Holiday!!!


June – July 2017

Welcome back to all our children, we hope you have had a fantastic half term break and have come back to Nursery refreshed and ready to learn!

This half term we are going to be learning about different forms of transport when looking at Barnaby Bear and his travels around the world. We will also be talking about the season of summer and the changes that we can see happening in the world around us.


This half term we are learning about:


  • Different forms of transport and where they can take us

  • Looking at the similarities and differences between new and old forms of transport

  • Sorting which transport travels by land, sea or air

  • Road safety and how to cross roads safely

  • Matching amounts of objects to the correct numeral

  • Combining two groups of objects to find out how many altogether

  • How to write our name

  • How to identify the initial sound in spoken words



Books we will be reading this half term:

  • The Train Ride

  • Barnaby Bear’s Adventures

  • Thomas the Tank Engine

  • Non-fiction books about transport


You can help at home by:

  • Talking about different forms of transport that your child has been on

  • Talking about safely crossing the road

  • Continuing to support your child to learn to write their name

  • Reading a variety of books with your child

  • Helping your child to recognise numbers to 10

  • Using phase 1 part of the website

  • Counting different amounts of objects and finding the correct numeral to match

  • Combining two groups of objects together to find the total


Important dates

Training day – Friday 7th July

Summer fair –  Thursday 13th July

Year 5/6 production at Cockburn School- Tuesday 27th June and Wednesday 28th June

Sports day - To be confirmed

Term ends – Tuesday 25th July


Summer Time

Outdoor play is very important part of our routine at Nursery and as the weather gets warmer we will be spending even more time outside exploring the environment. Children should wear appropriate clothing and bring sunhats to Nursery please. We ask if you could write your child’s name in all clothing brought to school please. Also we remind parents that all children should wear sun cream when the weather is hot as the suns’ rays can be very dangerous. If you have not already, could you please bring sun cream with your child’s name clearly labelled on the bottle and give it to a member of staff. If your child does not have sun cream they will not be allowed to play outside in order to protect your child’s skin. We also provide water for the children all year round and encourage the children to drink plenty of water when it is warm, but they are welcome to bring their own water bottle labelled with their name to have at Nursery.