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Summer 2

We're All Going on a Summer Holiday

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fun-filled half term break and are ready for lots of learning. The theme of our learning adventure this half term is ‘We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday’. We will open the topic by creating a mind map and asking the children what they already know about holidays and the beach and what they would like to find out. The children are going to learn about all different types of holidays and what you might need to pack for each! The children will also be thinking about what you might be able to see and do at each destination before deciding where they want to go for their holiday! The children will also be learning some summer holiday songs which they will perform to parents at the end of the learning adventure (more details to follow nearer the time).

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This half term we are learning about…

· The changes that occur when it is the season of Summer

· The dangers of being outside in the sun and how we can keep safe

· How to sort shells according to their shape, size, pattern and colour

· Getting ready for a trip to the beach and organising what we would need to take with us on holiday

· What you might see, hear, feel, smell and taste when you go to the beach, camping, skiing or visiting a city

· What you might do when you go on different holidays

· How you might travel to different places and where they are on a map

· Comparing similarities and differences of hot and cold holidays

· The capacity of buckets and finding out if they are full, half full, half empty or empty.


The children will be:

  • Talking about the patterns on shells, sorting them into different groups and making patterns with them
  • Printing with shells
  • Drawing how to keep safe on the beach
  • Filling buckets with sand so that they are full, half full, half empty and empty
  • Drawing what Barnaby Bear would need to take in his suitcase to go to the beach
  • Listening to the sounds of the beach and identifying what they can hear
  • Using their Imagineering skills to board an aeroplane with their passport and boarding pass and flying to the beach to go on holiday
  • Mark making in the sand with twigs, fingers, shells, pebbles etc.


The books we will be using are:

  • The Snail and the Whale
  • Mr Bear’s Holiday
  • Barnaby Bear


You can help your child at home by:

  • Helping your child to identify their name and attempt to write it
  • Helping your child to count objects by putting them in a row and touching each one as they count
  • Reading a variety of books to your child and looking at the pictures together
  • Helping your child to count actions such as counting whilst climbing steps, counting claps and jumps etc.
  • Singing a variety of number rhymes and nursery rhymes
  • Talking about family holidays you have been on