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Summer 1

1SP- It’s prediction time! Will the fruit SINK or FLOAT?

This week during Science the children have been using their prediction skills to decide whether they believe a piece of fruit will sink of float in a tub of cold water. They also predicted and discussed whether if the peel effected the fruit sinking or floating. As a class we tested both peeled and unpeeled fruit from the story Handa’s Surprise. The children were really excited and engaged in the activity and enjoyed using fruit from the story. They worked well as a team and praised those children who answered correctly. The children observed what happens to different fruit in water and discussed why they thought that. Well done Year 1.

In Reception, the children have been learning about camouflage and how animals use it to blend in with their surroundings. The children looked at different types of camouflage used by animals in the wild and then labelled some different animal skins.

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1SP- Planting our own seeds.

This week during Science the children have been experimenting planting seeds in different materials. Some of the children planted their seeds in soil, whilst some planted their seeds on cotton wool. Prior to starting the experiment, the children worked together and made a list of items they would need to plant their seeds. All the children used the same amount of water and planted the same amount of seeds, making it a fair test apart from the change of material that the seeds were planted in. The children worked together to decide on predictions and discussed what environment and weather a plant needs to grow. The children predicted whether the seeds would grow better in soil or cotton wool? We shall see in 2-3 weeks’ time! All the children were really engaged and had an excellent understanding of what it takes to plant a seed. Well done Year 1.


This week in Science the children have been learning all about food chains. The children gained knowledge and discussed why we need to eat in order to survive. We discussed energy comes from our food and that it’s important for humans and animals to eat. They shared ideas and made food chain links in groups and independently. We focused mainly on safari animals and found out the Lion was a main predator at the end of the food chain. Well done Year 1.