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Summer 1

Walk like an Egyptian 

Maths No Problem 

This half term we have been learning about time and how to tell the time using digital and analogue clocks.  We have been using clocks in class to help us understand how they work and what the different hands mean.  On Tuesday 30th April our parents came in and helped us with our learning.  A great morning if maths was had by all! 

History - Mummification Process

In Year 3, we have been learning about Ancient Egyptians. We have been looking at how they used to mummify bodies and the different processes involved. We wrote instructions for how to do this and used imperative verbs and time openers! We then used toilet roll to practise wrapping each other up! 

Alive and Kicking

This week we have had Alive and Kicking in to help us with our understanding about Ancient Egypt. Through Imagineering exercises, the children have gone back in time and become Egyptians. They had to build a pyramid and perform a mummification ceremony as well as escaping from the dishonest Pharaoh! The children were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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In PSHE this half term we have enjoyed learning about Careers and Financial Wellbeing. We began by looking at different trainers and we had to decide which trainers were the best value based on what we needed them for. We then had a great discussion about the importance of looking after money and where we can keep it safe. The children came up with a fantastic range of places including banks, money boxes, safes and purses/wallets.


This week we have been looking at various jobs people do and why they enjoy them. The children then had to choose a job and complete a mock application for that job explaining why the would like to do it, what they would have to do and the skills and attributes they have that would help them do their chosen job.