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Spring 2-Dinosaurs

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Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are excited to be back. This half term there will be lots of roaring and some very large footprints around school and it is up to our children to find out who they belong to.


Welcome to Jurassic Clapgate…


This half term we are learning about:

  • Dinosaurs’ eggs

  • Different types of dinosaurs

  • Different features of dinosaurs

  • What a herbivore and a carnivore is

  • How to grow dinosaur food

  • How to order dinosaur footprints by their size

  • Why dinosaurs are not alive today

  • What fossils are

  • What an archaeologist is

  • Counting the correct number of dinosaurs in Harry’s bucketful of dinosaurs

  • Different painting and creative techniques

  • Ordering dinosaurs eggs by weight

  • Ordering dinosaurs by length

  • How information can be retrieved from books and the computer



Books we will be reading this half term:

  • Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaur Stomp

  • Ten Little Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaur Fact Books

  • Dinosaurs love underpants



You can help by:

  • Researching different dinosaurs using books and the internet

  • Ordering different objects around the house by their weight

  • Continuing to support your child to learn to write their name

  • Reading with your child

  • Looking for simple 2D shapes when you’re out of the house

  • Helping your child to recognise numbers to 10


Important dates

World Book Day- 2nd March 2017

Class Photos-8th March 2017

Comic Relief- 24th March 2017

Term Ends- 31st March 2017

The Egg

When we arrived at school today there were some strange footprints in our classroom.  During the morning we followed the footprints and found an egg with a letter asking us to look after it. What will be inside the egg when it hatches?


When we arrived at school this morning the egg we found last week had hatched and there was a dinosaur inside. For the next few weeks we are going to learn a lot about dinosaurs and the children are very excited.

Science Week

For Science week we have conducted an egg experiment. After finding an egg and being asked to look after it, we wanted to know the best way to protect it. We thought of lots of different materials we could wrap the egg in to protect it and then predicted which one would stop it from breaking if it was dropped. We then wrapped the eggs in these materials and dropped them to find out which material worked best.

We also watched a video about volcanoes and talk about the fact that these formations were around when the dinosaurs were around. We decided to conduct an experiment for which we needed to mix different substances to make our own volcanoes. We follow the recipe to make a volcano but the last ingredient was missing so we had to predict which of four ingredients would make the best volcano. After we made our predictions we tested each ingredient to find that the vinegar created the best eruption.

Look Who Came To Visit!

End of the Week

Welcome back after the holidays hope you had a lovely and relaxing week.


When we came back to Nursery this week we found some footprints which lead our class to an egg! The children came up with lots of suggestions to what could be inside the egg including a butterfly, a dragon and a chick!


We have also made a new role play area in the classroom. We have had lots of fun using the props during our play. Here are a few pictures...

This week we have also been talking about weight and have weighed different eggs to see which belonged in the 'heavyosaur's' nest and which eggs belonged in the 'lightosaur's' nest.
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World Book Day  2nd March 2017

Today was World Book Day at Nursery. We had to come dressed as our favourite book characters and the teachers in Nursery came dressed as 'Fox in Socks!' Everyone looked brilliant in their costumes! During the day we had lots of activities to complete including rhyming activities, as the story 'Fox in Socks' is all about rhyming words, we also threaded socks using shoe laces, matched pairs of socks, talking about the different patterns on each pair of socks and we made a hand print 'Fox in Socks' and added googly eyes! We all had a great day!

Over the past few weeks we have been creating our own dinosaurs using clay. We chose the colours and looked carefully at the different features of the dinosaurs and moulded them using our hands and different tools. We made lots of different dinosaurs!

This week at school it has been Science week. Everyone in each class have been doing lots of science experiments and been scientists! In Nursery we have made volcanoes and found out which materials are best to keep eggs from cracking when they are dropped.

To make the volcano, we used fizzy pop, vinegar, mints and bicarbonate of soda. We experimented to see which combinations of ingredients worked best and made the volcano erupt!

During our egg experiment we had to see which of our materials protected the eggs best and stopped them from breaking when we dropped them. Our materials included newspaper, bubble wrap, cotton wool and cardboard boxes. We wrapped the eggs up in each of the materials and discussed which we though would protect the eggs best. We then went outside and dropped them on the floor. After, we opened them to see if the eggs had cracked! We found some of the results very surprising!

The Mummy came back!

We found out that the mummy dinosaur was a triceratops! We did not know her name so we called her 'Lucy'.



Easter egg hunts, Easter egg designs and a surprise visitor!

Easter egg hunts, Easter egg designs and a surprise visitor! 1
Easter egg hunts, Easter egg designs and a surprise visitor! 2