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Spring 2

All Creatures Great and Small

This half term we are learning about…

  • A farmers role on the farm
  • How to look after chicks
  • The lifecycle of chicks and how to document changes by creating a diary
  • How to follow a map by writing instructions using the story ‘What the ladybird heard’
  • How to solve addition and subtraction words problems
  • How to half using eggs and nests
  • How to double using spots on ladybirds
  • How to create a pictogram of favourite mini beasts
  • Subtraction with the help of ‘The hungry caterpillar’
  • Creating fact files and information sheets from a mini beast hunt
  • Healthy eating and writing instructions for how to stay healthy
  • Sequencing the days of the week
  • How to describe what vegetables are and what they look like/ how they grow


The children will be:

  • Matching animals to their babies
  • Exploring our farm tuff spot and using their imagination
  • Creating their own farm maps
  • Sorting wild animals and farm animals
  • Painting symmetrical butterflies
  • Making and tasting a healthy fruit salad
  • Vegetable printing
  • Making robbers masks
  • Exploring the resources available within our chick area and farm role play
  • Making vegetable soup
  • Observational drawing of vegetables
  • Making caterpillars using grass and tights
  • Labelling vegetables


You can help your child at home by:

  • Listening to them read at home
  • Encouraging your child to practise ordering and recognising numbers to 20
  • Encouraging your child to sound out words themselves when writing and encouraging them to write labels and captions
  • Helping your child to learn their tricky and high frequency words
  • Talking to your child about how we can find out information from the internet and books