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Spring 1

Once Upon A Time....


During our learning adventure we will be learning about:

  • traditional tales including 'The Gingerbread Man,' 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'The Enormous Turnip.'
  • Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated
  • Numbers 1-10 and how they can be represented in different ways
  • Doubling, halving and sharing objects
  • Size ordering
  • How to write a simple sentence
  • 2D and 3D shapes


The children will get involved in lots of exciting activities, including:

  • making their own gingerbread men
  • carrying out experiments and making predictions
  • tasting different vegetables
  • using the Beebots
  • creating music for the traditional tales
  • sorting story characters by size
  • planting seeds
  • healthy foods
  • writing Chinese letters


The Gingerbread Man

Our learning adventure began with some written clues which we followed to find different parts of a Gingerbread Man hidden around the classroom. Once we had all the parts we put him together and read the story of the Gingerbread Man. We shared our ideas about the Gingerbread man and talked about his appearance and character. We then used our phonics knowledge to write a description of the Gingerbread Man. 


The children enjoyed getting the hands busy making their own Gingerbread Men, they talked about the different utensils they needed to use and recalled information from the story.

The children used their cutting skills to cut out different pictures from the Gingerbread Man story and then stuck them in the right order. The children talked the story as they were completing their activity.

"Gingerbread Man ran out of the house."

I wouldn't like to be the Gingerbread Man because I would be scared of getting eaten!"

"He jumps off the tray and runs away from the man and the lady."

The children decorated their own Gingerbread Man or Gingerbread house. When decorating the Gingerbread men they though carefully about the decorations they needed to add. 
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In Maths this week we have been learning about the number 8. We learnt that 8 can be made up by combining different number together and we represented this on a tens frame. During our focus activity we learnt about sharing 8 into two equal groups and we were introduced to the word 'halving.' We had two gingerbread men and 8 'buttons' which we had to share equally between them. We also learnt about repeating patterns and were able to create our own repeating patterns on a gingerbread man.

Week 2 14/9/19

We received a letter from the Little Old lady who had baked the Gingerbread Man. She was very worried that the Gingerbread Man was scared and worried as he was all alone and she asked us if we could let her know if we had seen him. We found some photographs of the Gingerbread Man spending time in our classroom so we used our phonics knowledge to write a letter back to the Little Old Lady to reassure her that the Gingerbread Man was safe.

In Maths, we were introduced to Charlie crocodile who likes to eat big numbers. We put different numbers of buttons onto our Gingerbread Men and then had to find the one who had the most buttons so that Charlie crocodile could eat them all. 


We have used Talk for Writing to help us retell the story of the Gingerbread Man. We used different actions for different parts of the story and then we used the small world characters to retell the story too. We thought carefully about what might happen to the Gingerbread Man if he had got wet in the river and even carried out or own science investigation. We predicted what might happen if the Gingerbread Man fell into a cup of tea, a washing up bowl and 'the river' and then we tested our ideas.
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