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Spring 1

Welcome to Spring 1 in 3SM

Spring 1 Newsletter

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This half term, we have stepped into Narnia, for our new Learning Adventure called 'Through The Wardrobe'.


We began by visiting the West Yorkshire Playhouse on Thursday 4th January and throughly enjoyed a spectacular performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe





Here's the start of our winter-themed Narnia display in the classroom:

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Read some of our recount writing about going to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at the theatre...

The characters in the story were evacuated during World War Two.

So, we have also learned about this history, including interviewing a living evacuee...

If you stepped through a wardrobe into an alternative universe...what might you see?




This half term we are learning some rugby skills from a rugby coach.  Each week we will be learning different skills to help us to improve our game. 




We had great fun playing a game to practise our multiplication skills.  Check out the pictures below:
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Picture 2
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In our science lessons we have been learning about why we have day and night.  We
made these models to help us to understand it all:


How many Reading bingo tasks can you complete?

How many Reading bingo tasks can you complete? 1