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Welcome to Clapgate School Council!


On this page we will be keeping you up to date with everything that the school council has been up to. This year the council will be made up of councillors from year 2 - 6 and will be supported by Miss Jones. They will be looking at how the British Values can implemented at Clapgate, plan different events and listen to their classmates advice about how we can make our playtimes even better!

British Values

The school council were set a task by Mrs Singleton to share the different British Values to their class mates. The school council set up and wrote a script for the KS1 and KS2 assemblies and did an amazing job delivering this. The council also shared a competition which asked the children of Clapgate to design cards for a new incentive. The cards will be sent to a professional printer and then 1 pupil in each class will be awarded a card when they have shown one of the British Values.


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We have already received some fantastic ideas for our British Values cards. These are just a small sample of what we have received (please watch this space for some more soon!). 

Thank you to everyone who has entered, we still have one more week to enter your designs.

A visit from local councillor Paul Truswell

In the last week of school, the school council had an extra member. We were joined by Councillor Paul Truswell who discussed the importance of democracy and how it can be used to ensure all pupils' voices were considered when making important decisions. Following the meeting, we decided to add a suggestion box for each year group to use. Once these are made the children will be sharing how theses can be used with their class mates. 

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Pupil voice

The school council have been considering how we can listen to the views and ideas of the pupils in Clapgate. The school council have decided that they will be making a suggestion box for each year group which we can check weekly and discuss in our meetings. This are already looking fantastic.

Inner south youth committee 

The school council were privileged to be invited to meet local councillors to share their views on how money can be spent too support youths in the local areas. Whilst we were there, we were able to try it some of the activities that could be available and meet Liam Cooper, the Leeds United captain! 


The school council have been tasked the job of improving some aspects of playtimes.  We sent a questionnaire to each class to all what we could do to make them more fun and what we could do to support children who may get into situations where they need time to calm down. We have started to build our 'chill out' boxes. They are already coming along nicely. 

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