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Saving the Day!

Saving the Day!

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This week we have talked a lot about how to stay healthy, to make sure the superheroes are in tip top condition! We designed our own smoothies and then worked with Mrs Grime to make them - yummy!

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What a jam packed week 2! We received a map and a message from Professor von Evil, which we followed and found his secret instructions for how to make slimebots! Back in the classroom we mixed up a load of sticky slime and then constructed our very own slimebots to fight against Professor von Evil! We also had a lovely time on Thursday celebrating Roald Dahl day, with some fantastic costumes.

Our first Learning Adventure is called Saving the Day and it is all about superheroes!

We began with a Creative Context day where we talked about different superheroes and created some big pictures for the walls. We also all designed a mask and a logo each!


Since then, we have been read the story The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man and we have been inspired to write a character description talking about Awesome Man. We have investigated the different materials a superhero's costume might be made from and we have thought about different locations in Leeds that a superhero might use as their secret hideout. We've been very busy and it's only Week 1!

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