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School brightens up my day!

              - JJ, Year 6


"Talking about being a playleader" 

The children all listened to us. I loved it!

               - Kian B, Year 5 


I like the teachers because they are kind and the office staff always help me.

              - Hellena, Year 4


I love Friday's because I get to play on the steel pans. 

             - Alister, Year 6 


Behaviour is incredible. I never get bored because there is always something going on such as... Play leaders, Art council and after school clubs. 

            - Lillia, Year 6 


I really enjoy writing in particular. I love the Burn2Learns and the different fun topics we learn about. I also like doing scavenger hunts in Maths. 

            - Osase, Year 6


Writing is fun because I love to imagineer. I like to turn my classroom into another world and make it look like the book we are reading. 

            - Koby, Year 6 


Drama club is really good because you get to express yourself. You get to show what you're capable of. 

           - Karina, Year 6


We learn something new everyday, lovely pupils and have amazing teachers. 

          - Manpreet, Year 6


Art is very inspiring and the art teacher has high expectations which we always try and meet. 

         - Kahvonne, Year 5 



        - Anton, Year 5 



School meals are fab! 

       - Reception Parent 


Good activities after school, my children love it. 

       - Reception Parent 


Really enjoy watching the children have fun and engaging with each other.     

       - Phoebe Reed 


Loved seeing how all the children are involved. 

       - Kai fisher 


My child loves coming to school.

       - Nursery parent 


What I like the most about Clapgate is that my children are happy and safe in school. 

       - Nursery parent


The approachable teachers are amazing. 

       - Reception parent 


I have found that I have good communication with the teachers. 

       - Year 4 parent