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Hello and welcome to our PE page!


At Clapgate we are offering our pupils a variety of activities within our PE and sport programme. We have a dedicated PE specialist, Miss Beaumont, who has just started and is very keen to provide as many sporting opportunities as possible for the pupils of Clapgate. 

All children receive 2 hours a week of PE, whether this is with Miss Beaumont, their class teacher or Mr Burnall from Cockburn John Charles Academy. Year 4 also attend swimming all year every Tuesday morning at Rothwell Leisure Centre.



Within our PE curriculum and sporting activities we learn how to develop the skills involved in the sport alongside social skills such as teamwork and respect. We also explore the importance of healthy lifestyles, thinking about how exercise and nutritious diets benefit us not only physically but also help us to concentrate better in the classroom!


If you have any questions regarding PE and sport, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Beaumont. 


School PE Kit

All pupils require a PE kit, ideally consisting of a plain white tshirt, black shorts, black leggings or black tracksuit bottoms with trainers or black pumps. This should be in school when children have their PE lessons. We recommend putting names into kits to avoid confusion when getting changed. 


Autumn 2 Personal Challenges


Can you carry out any of these challenges? Give them a go at home, keep practising and see if you can achieve them. Make sure you let Miss Beaumont know when you have! Parents/ guardians, feel free to try them as well!


Challenge One

Can you balance on one leg? How long can you hold it for? Can you change legs whilst remaining balanced? To progress it further, can you change the position your leg is in that if not touching the floor? To make it even harder, are you able to hold the balance whilst standing on your tip toes?



Challenge Two

Can you dribble a basketball with one hand? Can you keep it dribbling and move around? Can you then keep the ball bouncing and sit down then stand back up? Progress it and keep the ball bouncing and lie down then stand up? Could you do this with two basketballs?



Challenge Three

Can you carry out Miss Beaumont's HIIT workout? Repeat each move 12-20 times (reps) and complete 4 times (sets)


1. Star jumps

2. Squats

3. Spotty dogs

4. Lunges

5. Mountain climbers

6. Sit ups


Suggested links


Go Noodle

This is a brilliant online resource that features lots of different clips to follow- workouts, dance routines, calming yoga, breathing exercises. Simply create a log in for free and enjoy the various videos!


Cosmic Yoga

A website providing a variety of yoga clips to follow. You can select the length, energy level and category to suit what you are wanting to do.


The Body Coach

Lots of different HIIT workouts suitable for children and adults. Great for fitness levels and to get you moving!