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Oliver Twist

A Victorian Afternoon

During the afternoon of our 1st day back after the Christmas holidays, we went back in time to Victorian Britain. We experienced what life would have been like in a Victorian classroom (Mr Robins was horrible to us), what it was like to live and work inside a Workhouse and what happened in a Victorian Courtroom.

We weren't very impressed with the gruel or the punishments that were given out in court and most of us decided we are grateful we live in 2018.

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Victorian Class Rules
These are the class rules that children had to follow in a Victorian classroom. They were very strict! We weren't even allowed to put our hands up or even ask questions!
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The Workhouses
After experiences what it was like to be inside a workhouse, we did some more research on the internet with Mr Robins and made notes about them. Once we had shared what we discovered, we drew an outline of a workhouse and added our information inside them. We hope you like our information posters. They really were awful places to live.
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