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During the children's learning adventure all about celebrations the children learned all about the importance of Bonfire Night and how it is celebrated. The children explored what happens to a bar of chocolate when it is put into a microwave and heated. They thought about how it looked and felt when it was a solid and then when it had melted and had become a liquid. Some of the children were able to talk about it using describing words. The children then used the melted chocolate to make chocolate apples of course. Yummy!


During our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ learning adventure, the children have been thinking about Christmas. They have talked about the different things that they do to celebrate and how different people celebrate in different ways.

The children made Christmas calendars which showed how a tree looks in different seasons. The children talked about how a tree changes throughout the year and carefully decorated their own.

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We have been saving the bears from a fire this week! We had to use the tweezers to pull the bears from the fire. We talked about what fire was, what to do if we saw a fire and how firemen put fires out and keep us safe.