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Nursery - Autumn 2  - Celebrations

The children in Nursery have been learning all about how Bonfire Night is celebrated and why it is a special celebration each year. They looked at pictures of Guy Fawkes and made their own Guy for a bonfire! The children worked well as a team to make their Guy, stuffing newspaper into some of our clothes and making a face.


Our Guy Fawkes!

Our Guy Fawkes! 1
RLS started their learning adventure by learning about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. We talked about why we celebrate bonfire night and Guy Fawkes' plan. We then had lots of fun making a class Guy with Miss Munro and tricking Miss Sunderland into thinking we had a new boy! 
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In RFW we have learnt about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We have learnt about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and even made our own Guy Fawkes!!

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