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In Nursery the children have been thinking about what a jungle is like and what animals live there. The children looked on a world map at where in the world there are jungles and how we could travel their from the UK.


The children used their Imagineering skills to board an aeroplane and fly over the ocean to the jungle!


The children thought about what the weather was like in the jungle and what the weather is like where we live.


The children thought carefully about what the animals need to survive and what it would be like to live in the jungle. The children then created their own jungle habitat box with the help of their adults using a range of materials. They looked super!

The children have learnt about game from different countries, they played a game called 'Catch the Dragon' which is is a chasing game from China. The children looked at at world map to find out where China is.
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Miss Munro has gone on holiday to Thailand this week and she kindly sent us some of her holiday pictures. After looking at the pictures the children wanted to see where Thailand was so we spent time exploring a world map.

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