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Nursery - Easter

In Nursery the children thought about all of the different celebrations that they celebrate. They thought about why each one was special to them and how they made them special times with their families.


The children talked about how Easter is celebrated and watched a video clip on Cbeebies Let's Celebrate of some children preparing for Easter. The children learned all about the Easter story and why people exchange eggs and eat hot cross buns. The children enjoyed learning the song hot cross buns too!

In Reception, we recapped the different celebrations we have learnt about throughout the school year; Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Mother's Day. We talked about how not everyone celebrates and agreed that it is alright for everyone to be different. 

The children watched a short video clip on CBeebies about Easter and we talked about the different things that people might do to celebrate Easter such as sending cards, going to church and eating Easter eggs. The children made their own Easter cards to send to different members of their family.