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In RFW we have learnt about Pancake Day. We learnt that it is a Christian celebration and can also be called Shrove Tuesday. We found out that people eat pancakes so that they can use up flour, eggs and milk before Lent begins. We then tasted some pancakes. They were yummy!!


For homework this week RLS have been speaking to their family about the toys they used to play with when they were younger. They were talking about the difference between their toys and their grown ups toys. 


We have been learning about fossils this week. We talked about how Dinosaurs lived a long time ago and are now extinct. We know that fossils are used to tell us facts about dinosaurs.

In RFW, the children have been learning about dinosaurs. They have learnt about T-Rex, diplodocus, stegosaurus and pterodactyl through books and the internet. The children then wrote facts that they found interesting to create a class fact file.