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As part of our Let's Celebrate learning adventure the children learned all about the festival of Diwali. They made their own diva lamps from clay and explored using their fingers to mould and sculpt as well as using a range of clay tools. The children waited patiently for them to dry before decorating them with paint and glitter. They looked beautiful when they were finished!

During our celebration of Bonfire Night the children made some rather delicious looking chocolate apples that they couldn't wait to take home to eat! Yum yum!

In RFW this week we have been learning about the festival of Diwali and how people lit the way for Rama and Sita using diva lamps. The children worked with a grown up to make their own Diva lamps using clay. 

RLS have been busy this week learning about Diwali celebrations and as part of this we have made Diva lamps. 


We worked as a class with Miss Pickering to create our very own Fire Engine!