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Daring Drama

Snow White Pantomime

On Friday MnM Productions came in to perform their Christmas Pantomine Snow White. Everyone in school from Nursery to Year 6 got to watch and some of our teachers even joined in! See the videos below!  

Mr Robins and Miss Brennan do the YMCA

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Miss Proctor and Miss Dobson

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3AO in the Inventing Room

3AO in the Inventing Room 1
3AO in the Inventing Room 2
3AO in the Inventing Room 3

This week 3CO stepped into Willy Wonka's Inventing Room. It was full of incredible machines that made all sorts of strange noise. They soon met Boggles, a funny inventor who was very stressed as he had lots of inventions to create for Mr Willy Wonka and very little time to do it. The children very quickly agreed to be the ones to help.

They created all sorts of inventions including ones to help Bald men grow hair, selfish children learn to share and to help Granny's who fart too much!

Once they had created their ideas, they had to pitch them to Mr Willy Wonka himself!

In the next few weeks, they will be using their amazing ideas to create recipes for their inventions, advertising campaigns and to build models of their confectionary treats.

Year 4 Sheepdog Training

Year 4 have been enjoying reading the story of 'The Sheep Pig' by Dick King Smith as part of their Learning Adventure. They recently took part in sheep dog training learning how to be a good sheep dog and which commands to follow.