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Autumn 1

3LB - Drugs including tobacco

In year 3 we are learning about Drugs including Tobacco. We had a circle time where we discussed the impact of all drugs on our body and how they may effect someone's life. Year 3 were very grown up and mature during our discussion and came up with some fantastic answers. We then continued with some further working on smoking. Year 3 are aware of the impact of smoking on a human body. They were able to identify a range of negatives about smoking and could explain how even if you don't smoke how it can still affect us if in an area full of smokers! We completed a quiz about all of the information we found out. We all got full marks! Year 3 also completed a task where they had a range of benefits if someone stopped smoking. They ranked them from most important to not as important. Well Done Year 3! :) 

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In Year 6 we are learning about keeping healthy and the impact that nicotine, drugs and alcohol has on our bodies. We have discussed the risks of these and created posters to encourage people to make better life choices. As well as making posters, we have had a go at role play- we looked at how peer pressure can impact life choices.


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Miss Cutler's groups had fun baking for Macmillan Coffee Morning!