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Autumn 1

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Scavengers to Settlers

Welcome to the Stone Age! This half term we will be starting at the earliest age of man and following our journey through to the Iron Age. We will start by learning all about Stig of the Dump from the book by Clive King. Stig will be helping us to know about what life would be live in the Stone Age. 


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Life in the Stone Age

Our first week back started by stepping back in time. We started our journey with a walk back in time. We soon realised that one step for every year was a lot of steps! We decided to start our search for materials to make tools to use later in the day. After collecting rocks, leaves and sticks we began to make paint brushes, spears and hand axes. We realised that it would be tricky to cut string without scissors and so some of the children mastered the technique of using a hand axe. 

In the afternoon, half the group went back to our cave. Here we mixed paint using berries, egg and water and started our cave drawings. The other half went outside to look for materials for a fire. They gathered sticks and dry grass. They shared some of the colours they could see and produced pictures of their fires. We are looking forward to seeing what other techniques we learn from the Stone Age. 

During our second week, we have started to read Stig in the Dump. We have looked at Stig's dump and what it might be like to live there. We also thought about any presents we might want to give Stig. We wrote instructions for Stig about how to use them. 

We also started our first day as archaeologists. We had a look at some different 'remains' to see if we could work out if it was from the Stone Age or the Modern Age. Although it looked a bit horrible at first everyone got stuck in!