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Autumn 1


Welcome to 5MB's exploration of Spectacular Space. This half term our learning adventure will take us on a journey through space, looking at each of the planets in our solar system and how we landed on the moon. 

Explore our classroom.

Explore our classroom. 1
Explore our classroom. 2

During our exploration of Space, we looked at the size of the planets in comparison to fruit. We had a try at guessing the sizes first but soon learnt the order.


Can you believe that if Jupiter was the size of a watermelon, Mercury would only be the size of a peppercorn?

Picture 1

During the week, we had an alien invasion in our classroom. So many different aliens that looked and sounded so different from each other.

In the same week, NASA also write us a letter saying they had an alien break in, and needed our help with character descriptions based on the aliens we saw.

To help us along, we decided to first make our aliens, so we could write our character descriptions about them. 

Our letter from NASA