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Autumn 1


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Year 3 will be looking closely at the different changes that were made in prehistoric Britain. We will be looking at their clothes, jobs, houses, lifestyle and discussing how it is both similar and different to ours. 

Keep an eye out on this page to see what 3LB have been up to in their journey back in time!

Take a look at the time machines we made to go back in time...


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3LB looked at the information and dates given on the pieces of paper. They then worked as a team to put the timeline into the correct order.
The children were very lucky to be able to have Alive and kicking come into school to take them on a journey back in time to the stone age. We were able to think about what they would eat, how they would eat it and the day to day activities. The children talked about key workers during the stone age times and their importance in the tribe. We were able to go inside our very own cave and listen to a story about a girl called Narla who came to find herself in a lot of trouble. Would she be banished from the tribe or would she be given another chance? Find out and alternative endings to the stories... COMING SOON!
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3LB have started to read Stone Age boy. If you would like to take a look at it click on the power point below. We started reading the book together as a class and then acted out some of the different parts of the book. The children created freeze frames and the others in the class guessed which part it was. We really enjoyed acting like Stone Age people! 

Maths - No Problem!


This year we are using a new math scheme. The children are absolutely loving the different way of problem solving and discussing our answers. The children are working in pairs and using lots of different resources to reach their findings. If you have any questions about this new math scheme, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me!


This week (10.9.2018) 3LB are learning about: 


Numbers to 1000.


3LB have been looking at the place value of 3 - digit numbers and their value. We have also been counting in 50s, 10s, 100s, 3s, 4s and 8s! 

We are using lots of different resources such as number lines, place value charts and part whole models to work out our answers. 


This week (17.9.2018) 3LB are learning about:


Addition and subtraction.


3LB are looking at adding ones, tens and hundreds to three digit numbers. They are using base 10, number trackers, number squares and number bond diagrams. We have been completing some pretty tricky calculations and hope to keep improving our mathematical skills! 

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Year 3 are looking at rocks and soils in their Science topic this half term. So far we have looked at fossils and how they are formed. We know that a fossil is thousands of years old and that they are formed at the bottom of the ocean. Keep your eyes peeled as we look further into fossil formation and learn other interesting facts about rocks and soils. 


Can you name any rocks you might find around school or in the garden?


Do you know the three main types of rocks? 


How could we test what the rocks could be used for?