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NEW Clapgate Attendance Procedures


We place great importance on good attendance and punctuality here at Clapgate and are extremely proud of the improvements we have seen in our attendance levels over the last few years. We know that a child’s attendance has a direct impact on their learning. Those children who are regularly absent from school and regularly late do not achieve their potential and do fall behind in class, therefore we celebrate good attendance in a wide variety of ways and offer class and individual prizes for good attendance.




Notification of absence

 The school office should be notified if your child is ill or unable to attend due to a medical appointment or other unavoidable reason.  If your child is absent without notification you will be contacted by telephone and asked to provide a reason for the absence.  Where possible medical appointments should be arranged outside of the school day to ensure children do not miss valuable learning time.  Where this is unavoidable, we expect children to be in school before the appointment and return to school after where this is appropriate.

Holidays in term time

Government legislation states that schools are not able to authorise holidays in term time.  From 1st September 2015, in line with government requirements, we will issue fixed penalty notices for families who take holidays in term time.

Requests for leave in term time

Requests for leave in exceptional circumstances cannot be made retrospectively.  Requests must be made as early as possible and always in advance.  This will provide enough time for any queries or mitigating circumstances to be provided and considered by the head of school.


FAQ Penalty Fines for Unathorised Holiday in Term Time