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Welcome to the Arts Magazine page.


During the Spring Term, we started a new initiative in school - creating our own school magazine. Each class in years 5 and 6 chose 2 people to be editors.


The editing team is as follows:

Luke - 5LB

Eva 5LB

Nathaniel 5MB

Luca 5MB

Leah 6LJ

Shivangi 6LJ

Nancy 6NW

Alister 6NW

Jamie 6NW


Below is a short introduction from each editor of the magazine.

Clapgate Arts Magazine Editors

Nancy, Leah and Shivangi

Nancy, Leah and Shivangi 1

Nancy - Hi, my name is Nancy and I an in 6NW. I wanted to be an Arts magazine editor because I enjoy sharing ideas and also because I wanted to show off all the amazing school work.


Leah - Hi, my name is Leah and I am in 6LJ. I wanted to be part of the Artsmark magazine because it sounded really fun and we get to publish a real magazine at the end.


Shivangi - Hi, my name is Shivangi and I'm in 6LJ. I wanted to be an arts magazine creator because it sounded really fun and I love to create pages that are fun. I also wanted to be part of it because I love to work as part of a group.

Eva and Luke

Eva and Luke 1

Eva - Hi, I'm Eva. I'm from 5LB and I wanted to be on the Arts Magazine team because I wanted to show off our school's work and so people outside of school could appreciate our hard work.


Luke - Hi, my name is Luke and I am in year 5. I wanted to be on the Artsmark magazine team so I can show people what we can do with our teamwork.

Nathaniel and Luca

Nathaniel and Luca 1

Nathaniel - Hello! My name is Nathaniel and I'm from 5MB. I wanted to join the team to keep everyone who reads it occupied so they are not bored at home.


Luca - Hello. My name is Luca and I'm in Class 5MB. I wanted to be on the team because I wanted to show off the AMAZING work all the way through school to inspire others and help them create even better work.

Jamie and Alister

Jamie and Alister 1

Jamie - Hello, my name is Jamie and I'm in year 6 (6NW). I wanted to be on the Artsmark editor team because I have edited things before and I have an artistic talent.


Alister - Hello! My name is Alister from 6NW and I wanted to be on the team so I can publish our school's work and inform people about the clubs and activities that go on around school. 

From the images to the text, everything in the magazine is created by the editors. They have to go around school and gather information by asking children and adults alike about the work for that term or what they have particularly enjoyed. Even the colouring images, word searches and quiz pages were created from scratch.


We are hoping our next edition will be ready for the summer holidays so the team will be hard at work this term getting all the latest news and stories from around school, as well as showcasing all the amazing work that will be going on.


Feel free to pop into school and pick up a copy - there is always a copy or two in the waiting area outside the main office.


The Clapgate Arts Magazine Team

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