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Hello and welcome to the Arts Council!


We are a group of children from key stage two who have responsibility for looking after and ensuring improvements to Art, Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art in school. We meet each week in the art room and we talk about what we do in school already that works well and how we can improve these areas. We also use the Arts Council suggestion boxes to listen to the voices of the pupils in key stage one and key stage two. 


So far, we have talked to the children in key stage one and key stage two assemblies. We have sent a letter home explaining to parents what our role is in school. We have made the Arts Council suggestion boxes and put them in prominent areas ( the key stage one box is in the year 2 shared area and the key stage two box is in the reception waiting area by the school office). 


Recently, we launched the Leeds In Bloom Design A Flowerbed competition. The deadline for entries is Monday 25th of March. So get designing and bring your entry in to school and give it to Miss Webster in the art room. Let's see if we can win some prizes!


If you have any brilliant ideas or suggestions for the Arts Council then you can put your suggestions in the Arts Council suggestion boxes or alternatively you can pop in and see Miss Webster in the Art room before and after school. We are always excited to hear what suggestions you might have.


We are currently planning the End of Year Art Show 2019 which will take place at the end of July. Every child from nursery to year 6 will have a piece of art work on display. This show will be the first of its kind at Clapgate and we are very excited to be organising it. We have some extremely talented children and the work that they have produced this year is amazing! We will be sending invitations out for this event and there will be posters around school to remind you nearer the time. 

We are the Arts Council


Hi people! My name is Imogen and I am in 6NW. I wanted to be on the Arts Council because I am good at drama and I wanted to improve the Arts in our school. It sounded really fun ( and it is!).


Hi my name is Archie and I am in 6LJ. I wanted to join the Arts Council because I think it's really fun. I want to get use to working in a group of talented people and I have magnificent, artistic talent.!


Hi my name is Anton from 5MB and I wanted to join the Arts Council because I love the Arts. This school already has some fun ideas from the teachers but it is time for some fresh ideas from the children.


Hi, my name is Caitlin from 5LB and I wanted to be on the Arts Council because I love all kinds of Art and I wanted to help children enjoy school more. I think children at this school are amazing at all Arts!



Hi. I am Matthew and I am in 4EB. I joined the Arts Council because I wanted to improve and show off the spectacular work in school. I think the children at Clapgate have brilliant, artistic talents.


Hi my name is Fred and I am in 4CJ. I wanted to be in the Arts council because I think I could make the Arts better at Clapgate.


Hi my name is Millie and I am in 3AO. I wanted to be on the Arts Council because it is fun and I wanted to make people happy. I also wanted to work with a group and show off my lovely work.


Hi I am Mija and I am in 3RF. I wanted to join the Arts Council because I like to hear people's ideas. My favourite thing is Art and so that is why I like being part of this group.

Easter Egg Decorating Competition

Well done to every child that took part in the Egg Decorating competition. The entries were simply amazing! There were some fabulous ideas and they had all been put together with lots of care and attention to detail.


This year the entries were put on display in the main, school hall so that all of the children from each class could visit the exhibits. This created a real buzz in the hall on the afternoon of Wednesday 17th of April with all classes visiting the decorated eggs.


This year we invited a school governor to judge the eggs and he was very impressed with the standard of exhibits. It was no easy task judging a winner and two runner ups for each class.


Thank you to the children on the Arts Council who organised and helped to set up the event. They were brilliant at displaying the eggs in the hall and then returning them to the relevant classrooms at the end of the afternoon.



Eggcellent Eggs!
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Lunchtime drawing boxes for KS1and KS2

The Arts Council have been busy this week organising and putting together the lunchtime drawing boxes for KS1 and KS2 children. The drawing boxes will be available for the children to use at lunchtimes. They will be able to sit down in the seating areas in each playground and draw or colour in. The boxes will begin being used next week. Happy drawing everyone!

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